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Certainly, you’ve heard these words lately, but what is it?
The Hipster and the Boboland has been for some time in our lives and our surroundings. How did this phenomenon find its place?
Apart from fashion, record stores, veganism or beards and mustaches, the hipster attitude also touches trendy places. A retro side, a vintage atmosphere and a coffee shop.
It is no surprise in the United States that this lifestyle was born around the 1940s but
meets a great success around 2010 and continues to evolve. Quickly adopted by a population that wants a new state of mind but especially unconventional and non-mainstream.
The hipster style finds its place in Paris X is the way of life sought, a relaxed attitude more and more fashionable and “instagrammed” (Oh yes, we almost forgot him: D)
The Boboland says Bobo, is also a lifestyle that Paris 10th was able to appropriate, it will even say “the place to be”, between art galleries, places to shoot, organic fruit juice, brunches , coffee shops, vintage bikes and skateboards … we fall in love!
Bobo loves Brunchs, these famous lunches. He is a follower of “healthy eating”, refined delicacy but especially coffee, the real “latte”, and chic places like his look 🙂
You will find that coffee shops have become refuges that often give off a hispter and boboland atmosphere.