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A barista is a specialist in the preparation of coffee, now you know, coffee is an art and it is precisely this mastery! Often associated with a “sommelier”, a highly qualified person, he is keen on extensive knowledge of coffee blends, varieties, espresso, quality, roasting degree, machines and latte art.
This skill is so developed that there is a world championship and also in France, which brings together the best to compete in different categories such as the analogy of knowledge of taste, the development of the craft of coffee filter brewed by hand, favoring manual brewing or their own creation.
Do you know Latte Art? this technique of making a drawing on your drink, like flowers, animals, hearts …. It aims to highlight the Cappuccino or Macchiato for example and tell you about it on social networks 🙂
This is one of the skills of the barista, there is also a Latte Art Championship: to put this feat in action in a limited time.
Finally, a barista is a passionate, a lover and a coffee expert and without him, it would be difficult to rejoice at any time of the day.